A Case Study

This is an example of how our work can drastically improve the WordPress speed, boost the conversion ratio and meet Google’s SEO and usability guidelines.

pingdom speed results

google page speed insights speed results
For this study we’ll use one of our client’s WordPress sites, misterplumber.ca.  A few months ago we received an email from the owner of misteplumber.ca where he requested a speed improvements so he can get more traffic and leads for his business.  The first thing we did was a speed analysis and we discovered that site is not in good shape.

The measurements showed that homepage loading speed was around 11 seconds and the Google Page Speed Score below 60/100.  This resulted in a massive drop of traffic and our client was receiving 50% less leads then a year ago.  FYI, a loading time under 4 seconds is considered as good.

When we got hired to do this job, we started checking everything under the hood in order to identify the loading issues.  After some time we discovered many external files that were causing the loading delays and managed to fix that part so we can move forward to other issues.  The homepage was technically demanding because we were looking to preserve all the functions and an overall look of the page.  Later on we combined the CSS, JS files, configured caching and started working on the images.

Everything went smoothly, Google score went up to 80/100, but we still had a lot of work in front of us.   Then we minified the code, double checked is everything working fine including the contact form. We had a few issues with the server response time, but we managed to sort that out without switching our client to some better host.

mister plumber website portfolioThen we dived into the world of code and started removing the obsolete functions and other features from the WordPress theme that the client wasn’t using at all.  When we were done with that part, we did a few tricks to override the issues with problematic Google Analytics tracking code.  We checked the Google speed once again and were already around 90/100, the loading speed went down to 3 seconds.   The best part is yet to come, the fine tuning !

Judging by our initial site speed review, we knew that we could push the speed to around 2 seconds, so we continued fine tuning everything we could.  The images were optimized, leverage browser caching configured, HTML and other code was minified etc..   The next problem was the content itself, the homepage had YouTube videos, Google Maps and a slider that was causing extra loading delays.

The final results

We did our magic once again and voila, the speed was finally improved to it’s maximum!  The final results were astonishing, the loading speed was exactly 1 second, while the Google Page Speed Insights Score was 100/100!   During the speed optimization process, we’re always looking to push the limits, one way or another, and in this case, we even managed to reach better results than we thought we could in the first place.   Our client was more than thrilled and a few months later we heard from him that his traffic went up and that he’s getting more jobs then before! Mission accomplished!

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